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SkinSpoke Organic Salt Detoxification
90 mins | $310

This Macro-Salt Exfoliation treatment draws out impurities, helps even out skin tone, reduces scarring, rejuvenates the skin and promotes collagen growth. It is a perfect solution for all skin types!

Includes: Face and neck massage, deep pore cleansing, macro-salt dermabrasion, custom blended mask, hot hand mitt


Triple R Revitalization
45 mins | $75

An ideal treatment to relax, restore, and refresh. After a cleansing to gently exfoliate the skin, the application of a custom blended mask immediately boosts radiance leaving your skin to look well rested. You will also see your complexion’s brightness restored!  

Includes: Gentle exfoliation, face and neck massage, custom blended mask, hot hand mitt 


Make Me Glow Facial
75 mins | $180

Walk out feeling relaxed and glowing!  A popular basic facial to gently exfoliate clogged pores and nourish new skin.

Includes: Face and neck massage, deep pore cleansing, pumpkin peel, custom blended mask, hot hand mitt 


24K Ultra Therapy Facial
90 mins | $295

Feel like a glowgetter after this exceptional treatment! Our 24K gold sheet Macro-Fusion Ultrasound therapy indulges your skin and helps improve the appearance of evil fine lines and wrinkles. It also hydrates and brightens, stimulating cell repair and improving blood circulation. 

Includes: Face and neck massage, deep pore cleansing, cell regenerating 24K gold sheet therapy, Macro-Fusion Ultrasound and gold and caviar mask, hot hand mitt 


Macro Rejuvenation Facial
90 mins | $295

A unique Macro-Phototherapy treatment that naturally delivers unmatched skin renewal for all skin types. Clears dull and congested skin, promotes collagen production, reduces redness, inflammation, pigmentation, acne and post-acne discoloration. 

Includes: Pumpkin enzyme peel, face and neck massage, deep pore cleansing, multi-wavelength LED phototherapy, custom blended mask, hot hand mitt


Hydro Peel Facial
90 mins | $295

A skin-renewing treatment to deeply moisturize the skin. This is a non-invasive skin resurfacing facial that uses 435nm blue LED light aiding in detoxification and rejuvenation of the skin. Salicylic & glycolic acid loosens pore debris. Leaves your face immersed in a hydrating custom blended mask to soften and moisturize new skin. Recommended for oily, acne prone skin.

Includes: Hydro-peel exfoliation, face, neck and hand massage, deep pore cleansing, anti-bacterial LED, vortex delivery of peptides and hyaluronic acid, custom blended mask, hot hand mitt 




Macro-Fusion Firming Ultrasound
20 mins | $95

A highly effective and quick treatment to firm the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It allows vital nutrients to deeply penetrate, hydrate and nourish the lower layers of the skin. Custom blended serums delivered using powerful ultrasonic waves leave your skin feeling nourished, renewed and invigorated. Skin is smoother and firmer. Catered to ALL skin types. 


Macro Rejuvenation Treatment
30 mins| $125

A special treatment using a Multi-Wavelength Phototherapy LED module which effectively covers the entire face for even promotion of collagen production, reducing redness and inflammation and treating acne. Naturally delivers unmatched skin renewal for all skin types. 


Organic Salt Detoxification Treatment
30 mins | $175

Macro-Salt Exfoliation using a patented lightweight aluminum alloy handpiece to evenly exfoliate your skin and remove much more excess skin in a single treatment. Organic sea salt is used to draw out impurities, reduce scarring, and exfoliate the skin for a healthier, more even skin tone. Perfect for all skin types. 


Camera-Ready Treatment
75 mins | $380

The ultimate star treatment! A combination of our Macro-Rejuvenation, Organic Salt Detoxification, and Macro Fusion Firming Ultrasound treatments will leave your skin and you feeling Oscar worthy and ready to take on the world! Effective on all skin types.


Ultra Therapy Lift
90 mins | $400

High intensity ultrasound therapy is a non surgical face lift to tighten and brighten skin texture. Touted by celebrities as a safe and effective procedure that can be used to improve facial wrinkles and skin laxity. It is most effective on the cheeks and jawline. Recommended for mature, aged skin.            


Upper Lip
Eyebrow Shaping
Half Arm
Lower Leg
Upper Leg
Full Arm
Brazilian Bear
Upper Back
Full Leg

About Carol Chan

Founder of SkinSpoke

As a young girl growing up in Kuala Lampur, Carol dreamed of calling New York City home. She accomplished that dream at age 15. She focused on her true passion - helping women attain the most luminous skin possible. 

Now, with over 20 years of experience, Carol serves the beauty industry's most notable faces including top models, fashion designers, and editors from Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Today, Carol is proud to announce the opening of her very own spa, SkinSpoke. Carol has shared her skin care views on Fox 5 TV and is among the most trusted facialists in NYC. Her clients depend on her for a personalized approach to their long-term skin care routine.

Carol has transformed the skin of countless women for their most important days, from brides to models needing restoration from a grueling work schedule or mothers' experiencing hormonal changes to their complexion.

SkinSpoke embodies the culmination of Carol’s experience.  As a sanctuary of beauty from the bustling city, SkinSpoke performs both innovative and classic beauty treatments. SkinSpoke also offers a selection of carefully researched and curated beauty products.

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