It doesn’t matter which facial you get with Carol because her hands are made of gold. The care, love and attention she gives to your skin is unparalleled to any other. To trust someone with your face, or my treasured feature, is also to trust them with your heart and from my first treatment with Carol she has my trust whole-heartedly!

- Mia Moretti, Actress/DJ/Model

I LOVE ALL of your services, some of my favorites are the gold mask (24K ULTRA THERAPY FACIAL) that removes the toxins and I also love your light therapy (MACRO REJUVENATION TREATMENT). But everything you do is so thoughtful, you pay such close attention to my skin and all of my treatments!

- Christine Evangelista, Actress

“I love the 24K Ultra Therapy Facial because it makes me feel so special. I trust you with my skin because you cater to what my skin needs at that moment in time, and you are honest about what my skin needs.”

- Hannah Donker, Model


“The 24K gold sheet and ultrasound therapy helps remove the redness from the extraction… All of the redness went away after the 24K gold soft mask. The gold sheet also works as a facial detox… Carol says pollution is just one of the factors. Our hormones, what we eat, and products we apply to our skin all contribute as toxins. Remind me to detox more often! After the gold sheet, Carol covered my eyes to apply a custom 24K gold soft mask which includes caviar and a bit of vitamin C. This soft mask is great for firming, brightening, lifting and plumping the skin - all features I need help with now that we head to colder weather here in New York City.”

- Mercedes Sanchez, Beauty Editor (BeChic Mag Review)

“Carol is a kind and caring aesthetician and she will answer any questions about the different steps of the gold facial and the products that she is using… It is the most thorough one that you will ever get. Carol customizes each facial to the customer, whether it be a teenager with cystic acne or a post menopausal woman wanting more firmness.”

- Anne Raso, Beauty Editor ( Luxe Life NYC Review)